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Analogue Addressible Systems
Conventional Systems

Though your premises should be equipped with the appropriate fire safety measures to prevent an outbreak of fire, sometimes a fire does occur. If this happens, you should know as soon as possible in order to evacuate the premises of all of its occupants before anybody comes to any danger and ensure a quick response from the fire service.  We fit fire alarms to make sure that this can happen.
It is important to test your fire alarms weekly to ensure that they are not faulty; this guarantees you more time to escape the building in the event of a fire.
We will fit your premises with alarms from MxPro and FireCell, some of the most advanced systems around. The MxPro 4 is an analogue addressable system, whereas the FireCell systems are radio wire free systems; this means that we can easily find the right system for you from our variety.


  • Supersedes the Excel range of conventional panels

  • Improvements based on extensive research

  • Easy to install, maintain and operate

  • Twin wire selection per zone via DIL switch

  • Designed with fire alarm engineers in mind

MxPro 4

  • An industry workhorse, used worldwide

  • Adaptable; can be installed as a single panel, single loop installation or large network

  • Easy to use

  • Can be expanded and adapted with different peripherals and accessories to make it more suitable and personal to your workplace environment

  • An analogue addressable system in fire detection

  • Wireless

  • One of the most advanced detection systems around

  • Uses a range of industry-standard sensors, each equipped with an alkaline battery pack

  • Uses dual frequency signally to communicate with the CIE, making it secure and fully compliant

  • Can support up to 8 control panels, in excess of 4000 wired or wireless devices

  • Flexible and adaptable to your business place

Wire Free Radio Systems

Fire Alarms​