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Fire Door Retainers & Closers

Fire doors prevent fire from spreading from room to room, giving those in the building more time to evacuate. They provide critical protection for buildings by protecting escape routes and separating hazards.
It is a legal requirement that fire doors must be inspected at least once a year; this requirement could change depending on its assessed use or the criticality of the area or people it is protecting.
There are different kinds of retainers and closers that we can fit your fire doors with to ensure maximum protection in your premises.

Salamander Wire Free Retainers

Salamander saves lives and meets legal requirements! It also saves costs and time!

  • Holds up to 99 fire doors in the open position for easy escape

  • Meets the most severe protection measures needed at important fire exits, such as fire doors at the top of stairwells

  • Wire-free technology reduces installation by up to 90%!

  • The door holders are flexible enough to be moved around the building as layout changes; it has a large range of mounting options. Radio signal booster units cover large installations.

  • The door closer can be held open at angles from 65° to 120°. It safely closes the door when necessary.

  • Avoids potential floor damage, door warping and false activations

  • Battery life is up to two years, making it very low maintenance! It gives visible signals when the battery or radio signal is low. Low battery signals are given a month in advance.


24V/240V Door Retainers

Magnetic door holder can also hold fire doors open, allowing for easier evacuation. The door holder can be connected to a fire alarm; once the alarm is triggered, power to the door holder is cut, shutting it automatically to contain fire. Some can be shut automatically by a manual release button. 

Wire Free Closers

Our expert team can fit your buildings with retainers and/or closers from Salamander. The retainer is a battery-powered, magnetic fire door holder, controlled by radio signals from a central controller. The closer is battery-powered and holds open up to 99 fire doors at a time in any angle from 65° to 120°; it then safely closes the door when needed. It is also connects wirelessly to a control panel which can easily be wired into an existing fire alarm system.

Door Closers

For smaller buildings, Eurospec offer a range of closers that can safely and slowly close fire doors in case of an emergency. Their speed can be adjusted by a front panel and can prevent any injury to persons trying to evacuate. Hydraulics make it easy to move either way and speed changes allow the opportunity to lower the risk of injury from quickly swinging doors.