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Law states that every business has the legal responsibility of undergoing a fire risk assessment for their premises.


A fire risk assessment identifies all risks and hazards in a building so that measures to prevent fire can be put into place. Each hazard is regarded closely to determine how much of a risk it is and are managed appropriately to ensure that the risk is lowered to be as preventable as possible. A fire risk assessment also ensures that there are enough satisfactory escape routes in a building in case of fire; these exits must be kept available for use at all times.


Our expert team at Active Fire Safety will conduct your fire risk assessment in a professional and efficient manner; this will ensure that your fire safety equipment can be fitted safely and quickly, setting your minds at ease. Our fire risk assessments abide by all Health and Safety regulations and legal and contractual obligations. We can create an assessment schedule for you to ensure that your fire safety assessment is renewed when necessary; this is usually every twelve months though, in high-risk situations, more frequent renewals may be required. Our professionals will ensure that you understand everything about your fire risk assessment, ensuring that you can uphold all safety measures.


Our fire risk assessments include:


  • A list of all findings

  • Our recommendations in terms of fire safety measures

  • A list of potential sources of ignition identified in your building

  • Advise on emergency plan

  • Guidance on fire training and procedures for yourself and your employees

  • An indication of your performance within the fire risk assessment


You will be provided with a hard copy of your final fire risk assessment, as well as a digital copy.

Fire Risk Assesment